Make Your Search Bar The Best Sales Associate Ever

Vishion’s Color, Keyword Search & Filter App allows shoppers to find the exact product they want quickly and in a fun, unique way.

The Shopify App provides a wide range of customizable features for search bar optimization, product and collection filtering, and color recognition for swatches and search.

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  • Advanced Search

    - Advanced analytics on individual product & search results

    - The only color search and swatch app for the fastest search experience

    - Customizable filters and search settings

  • Custom Filters

    - Create dynamic options like filter by size, brands, price, availability, and other metafields for customers.

    - Product filter options can be shown, collapsed, or hidden on the results page

  • Automatic Swatches

    - Lets website visitors search across your products by exact color

    - Automatically assigns swatches to each product

    - Tracks color trends based on your customers searches